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Business Line:

-Wholesale and retail sale of chemicals for the    cosmetics and food industries

-Technical and product development for the cosmetics and food industries

-Marketing services such as product conceptualization customized for its clients   to provide them the competitive edge.



Company Name: FEMEJ Trading

Company Address: 169 T. Molina Street, Alabang Muntinlupa City

Contact No.: Telefax (02) 828-5389; LL+ (02) 664-4275

Email Address: femej_trading2015@yahoo.com.ph

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Supplier of Raw Materials


Premium Grade – For Nutraceutical and high performing products, Non – greasy and fully absorbed by the skin.

Cosmetic Grade – for Massage Oils and other low cost cosmetic products.

Winterized – This product will solidify and becomes cloudy below 3 Celsius but will not affect its quality.

2. MATERIAL ES – 100% organic, non-toxic & safe when used as directed. A disinfectant that kills bacteria, fungi and virus

3. AQUASOL – For Household & Industrial Cleaners